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Best Samsung Smart TVs

by Administrator
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Samsung has set the trend in Smart television by dishing out the best Smart TVs in the land. With its superb features such as ‘S recommendation’ and ‘Voice Interaction’, you will be overwhelmed on how you can talk to these Samsung Smart TVs. Various options are at stake for live TV streaming, VODs and apps based on your viewing history or previous preferences. It feels like a close companion has just suggested fashion TV, gaming channels or car shows which you can browse through. By simply uttering the right magic word, you will be swept to the right channel for your basic needs.

Top Smart TVs From Samsung

Advanced TV technology, Evolutionary TV, 3D movie experience and vivid picture and sound quality are among the most outstanding features of Samsung Smart TVs. All these traits are practically rolled into one unit. Here are some of the sought-after Smart TVs which Samsung brag about:

frameless_smart1. The 85” UHD S9V Frameless Smart TV– With its immersive screen size, large has not appropriately described this TV because the perfect word is ‘super-large’. The 85” display is advantageous for any image as it gives you any picture in vivid proportions. The best viewing distance is at six (6) feet or more. If you plan to purchase a TV unit for a huge ballroom, this is highly recommended. The bigger the size, the better is the viewing experience. This is ideal for a large living room or master’s bedroom.

Being frameless, this exquisite TV design makes Samsung S9 4K Ultra HDTV a brand new source of ultimate movie or TV viewing experience. The picture quality of this Ultra High Definition TV is set at four times the usual resolution making black blacker than normal and the colors stand out in its spectacular backlight technology.

2. 65” LED 9000 Series 4k Ultra HD Smart TV– This 4K Ultra HD Smart TV also has four times clearer resolution than a full HD TV which gives you unrivalled viewing quality. On top of the picture and Smart TV features, 65” LED 9000 Series 4k Ultra HD Smart TV is an Evolutionary TV which means that by linking it to the new One Connect box, your TV can easily be upgraded to the hardware as well as software standards of S9 4K Ultra HD. Thus, this unit is future-proof and a clever investment for more advanced units.

3. The LED 8000 Series Smart TV – A Smart TV which spells faster web browsing coupled with Quad Core processor, this LED Smart TV showcases equally engaging image content. There is an upgraded Smart Hub 2.01 which collects all of your favourite apps and social networking sites. With its latest innovation, this Smart TV is divided into three panels namely: Photos, Videos and Music in one panel, the Social panel and Apps5.

This TV is also equipped with Samsung’s AllShare7 which gives you the liberty to share videos and photos from any compatible Smart phone, tablet or camera.

4. The F8000 Smart Evolution 3D Full HD LED TV– Advanced television is best defined in this Smart TV. This has incorporated Smart Interaction2 which creates unbelievable movie experience. The futuristic viewing angle of this TV gives you full entertainment. The stunning display colour gives you the blackest black and the highest contrast.

Added to this is the MicroDimming Ultimate feature which takes the motion rate to a higher notch. This also comes with an Evolutionary Kit6 which allows you to upgrade the key hardware and software of this TV without purchasing a new one.

5. The F5500 Smart Interaction 3D Full HD LED TV- With this LED TV, the micro dimming makes TV viewing ultimately fun. Credit is also given to the precision black local dimming and the brightness and picture clarity which makes this set perfect for movie viewing. Despite the brightness, this TV unit doe not consume a huge amount of electricity.

This Samsung SMART TV saves your time from finding out or discovering the channel for you. You can literally talk to the TV in front of you and it will talk back with its recommendations. So, rather than reading through the channel descriptions and making a mental note for each channel, you can only utter the number you desire and the TV show you adore will be played upfront.

These top Samsung Smart TVs prove one thing about Samsung televisions, that Samsung TV is evolutionary. Not only does Samsung gives out the Evolutionary TV chipset in every set, it also takes movie viewing a great experience.

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