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Best-selling Samsung 4K TVs

by Administrator
in Blog

If you have bought a TV set two or three years ago, you might want to punch yourself for doing that because the past year has given us 4K and HDR TVs that will surely amaze us. But, regardless of how great you think 4K TVs are, not all of them are created equal. Some lacks quality when it comes to High Dynamic Range, while the others fail to impress in terms of interfaces and design.

But here’s good news: Most of Samsung’s 4K TV range gives us impressive units that meet our standards when it comes to home entertainment. Here are 5 of them to give you a rough list:

Samsung UE65KU6020. The Samsung UE65KU6020 made the list because it is not just an ordinary 4K TV. It is a big-screen television that is also loaded with Smart TV features like Connect & Share, SmartThings Ecosystem, and a very fast Quad-Core processor to boot. This is available for £1,049.00.

the 65-inch Samsung UE65KU6020

Samsung UE55KU6100. This 55-inch TV captured many attention because of its capacity to enhance picture quality, even if it is coming from a low-resolution source. Users claim to experience better quality images and at the same time less glare, hence, a more comfortable TV-viewing experience. You can score the Samsung UE55KU6100 for around  £419.00.

                            Samsung UE55KU6100

Samsung UE49KS8000. The Samsung UE49KS8000 is becoming more popular as users raved on its 4K Ultra HD screen that gives out more than a billion colours. This TV combines the power of 4K and Quantum Dot technologies, giving you an exceptional viewing experience. It is also a Smart TV, so expect it to be loaded with useful features like Samsung Smart View. Click here to compare prices.

                               Samsung UE49KS8000

Samsung UE55KU6670. This 55-inch curved TV is gaining popularity because of its outstanding specs. You will love how its screen, with a 4,200r curvature, hugs you and gives you the best view regardless of where you are (well, as long as you are not at the back!). And of course, since it is a Samsung Smart TV, the UE55KU6670 allows you to surf the Internet, connect to other devices, share files and more, all while you are watching your favourite programs. This television also competes in terms of price, as it is just around £780.00.

                          Samsung UE55KU6670

Samsung UE60KU6000. Users are raving about the breathtaking quality of this 60-inch 4K TV. not only does it enhance even the lowest resolution, it also makes the images more real-like by improving the shadow and colour details. It is also a Smart TV, so you can really maximize the use of its ultra-clear screen. This 4K Smart TV sells for around £750.00, a very affordable price given its features.

                       Samsung UE60KU6000

There you have it! We hope we have helped you decide which 4K TV to buy, or maybe not? It is not impossible to like everything on the list, eh? You may check these TV models and more Samsung 4K TVs here.

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