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3D TV / 74 posts found

Samsung UE40H6700

by Administrator
If it’s full HD and 3D that you want in your Samsung television then look no further than the UE40H6700. Featuring precise micro dimming and the high 600 Hz frame rate. What you get with these features is one of the smoothest and impressive pictures with realistic contrast and depth that you are able to buy on the market. If it is more apps you want then apps, you will be get these from the App Store, from gamers out there this is going to be a very good option for you as well. Missed any programs, no problem, with […]

Samsung UE48H6700

by Administrator
The UE48H6700 from Samsung has many features one of which is the ability to turn your compatible smart phone or tablet into a second television. Handy for the times you need to leave the room but still want to watch your favourite programme. It is even possible to watch completely different channel to what is on your TV at the time.   Quad core processor A television with this functionality needs a powerful processor, this is exactly what the Samsung UE48H6700 offers you. Capable of enhancing and boosting performance allowing fast access to all Smart features and handling multitasking with […]

Samsung UE55H6700

by Administrator
The UE55H6700 by Samsung offers 3-D with a full high definition, providing very precise micro dimming and 600 Hz frame rate. Arguably one of the best pictures you can get in its class. With such a TV series you would only expect to see smooth and very well-balanced contrast with a lot of depth in colour. Also this Samsung model provides an abundance of smart features such as games, apps and things like catch up TV, meaning you will never miss a program over again. Make good use of services like the ITV and BBC iPlayer systems. The Smart Hub […]

Samsung UE48H8000

by Administrator
The Samsung UE48H8000 48 inch television prepares you for a home entertainment system like no other. Complete with an auto depth enhancer, this is sublime looking curved modern TV delivers an outstanding picture performance with contrast enhancement all over the screen. Just by curving the large screen actually makes quite a substantial difference. This Samsung model also provides technology such as Micro dimming which enhances contrast and providing more vibrant colour and depth. This means that you get a deeper black and more pure white shades. If picture clarity is important to you than this Samsung UE48H8000 model will provide […]

Samsung UE55H8000

by Administrator
The Samsung H8000’s comes with inelegant and modern looking curved screen, surroundings you with pure entertainment and optimisation in regards to picture and sound. As it provides a shorter viewing distance between you and the screen’s corners what you get is a more natural viewing angle. This combined with an auto depth enhancer gives you the impression that you are practically fair, in the screen itself. When you take the functions and specifications of the UE55H8000, which is a large 55 inch screen, you’ll never need to go to the cinema ever again. Click the more details button below for […]

Samsung UE55HU7200

by Administrator
One of the latest technologies that is being introduced to the home entertainment world is the addition of curved screens. This is exactly what the Samsung UE55HU7200 model from Samsung hast to offer. Having a large screen, 55 inches to be precise, and then to curve it makes a substantial difference to the kind of panoramic view that you get when all the corners are brought in closer to you increasing the contrast on picture quality. Backed up with full high definition the UHD experience gets you closer to the action, probably on a par with going to the cinema. […]

Samsung UE55HU8200

by Administrator
This Samsung UE55HU8200 will without doubt enable you to experience games, films and other programs like never before. Now features 3-D, 4K Ultra HD and is a whopping 55 inch curved LED TV. Just think what you can do with the exceptionally detailed 3840 x 2160 4k ready LED screen which provides perfect viewing angles, with built-in functionality providing perfect contrast, colour depth and colours. When it comes to 4K resolution this is basically four times of what you would normally find with many standard television sets, 1080p high definition. More and more films, for example, are now being filmed […]

Samsung UE65HU8200

by Administrator
With the the U8200  model from Samsung, what you get is something that can provide an incredibly detailed 3840 x 2160 4k ready LED screen. This means that you are going to observe pure clarity, precise detail and great contrast with colours from the comfort of your home. This is a perfect TV for any gamers out there, in fact no matter what you are going to use this UE65HU8200 model for, armed with a 65 inch screen and powerful functionality is going to perform in an optimal way to handle media, to provide perfect picture polity, and display your favourite […]

Samsung UE65HU7200

by Administrator
This Samsung UE65HU7200 T V houses impressive features such as smart for K Ultra, in high definition, and with a very large 65 inch curved LED screen. If this television set doesn’t take your home entertainment to the next level, nothing ever will! Beautiful curved design The look and feel of the design of this model isn’t only sublime and modern looking, but it also has a very practical and functional reason why its curved. Designed specifically so you are perfectly placed to see all four angles of the TV from the right distance away, you are now set in a […]

Samsung UE78HU8500

by Administrator
The Samsung UE78HU8500 comes with a huge screen and if that wasn’t enough it also has Smart 3-D capability, for Kate Coltrane day providing beautiful clear pictures on its curved LED screen. What would a TV nowadays be without Smart features and functionality? Curved televisions, especially ones with a screen this size, are revolutionising the way in which we watch films, programs, play games and be entertained in the home. This UE78HU8500 is without doubt taking technology to the next level as well as design. The curved screen looks sublime and has a very elegant metal frame finish. This doesn’t just […]