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Samsung UE40F6100 40-inch 3D Full HD TV

by Administrator
Let this 40″ TV set play up your movie and TV experience with its 3D visual quality – the new Samsung UE40F6100. This F6100 Series 6 offers full high definition TV which makes home entertainment more realistic as it generates graphic resolution two times better than standard TV. This slim narrow bezel-type TV is a jewel to your media room with its quad stand type making it a perfect TV screen for you. With its LED backlight, vibrant colours are seen all over the screen with the brightness and clarity it delivers. It is even more enhanced by the auto […]

Samsung UE40F6400 40-Inch 3D Smart TV

by Administrator
The Samsung UE40F6400 gives you 40 inches of high-quality pictures…plus more. It has 3D capabilities and is equipped with the state-of-the-art Smart TV functionality. This feature lets you use web-based applications like Skype, Family Story, and many more. In addition, the TV menu is very organised, thanks to its One Design feature. This 40-inch television brings your TV viewing to a whole new level. Enjoy this one-of-a-kind experience now. Check out the  UE40F6400 on these stores: [DFR:Embed Comparison Set?p=777700502159871] Product Features Smart Hub. Built with the Smart Hub, you get to enjoy this TV unit as your Web Browser, without […]

Samsung UE40F8000 40-Inch Smart 3D TV

by Administrator
Living to its lifelong promise, Samsung has given us a wide array of high-quality, innovative products like the Samsung UE40F8000. This 40-inch masterpiece is boasting with a number of features, including Full High-Definition resolution, Smart Hub, ultimate connectivity, and many more. In addition, this TV is capable of the state-of-the-art Smart Evolution that lets you upgrade your TV easily. All this and more in a slim, sophisticated package. [DFR:Embed Comparison Set?p=777700502126847] Product Features Full HD 1080p. The screen resolution puts all blur away with Samsung UE40F8000’s high-pixel, high definition resolution. Thus, intensifying your preferred movies or TV shows. Smart Evolution. […]

Samsung UE40ES7000 40-Inch Smart 3D TV

by Administrator
Get 40 inches of pure fun and pleasure with the Samsung UE40ES7000 40-Inch Smart 3D TV. Packed with features like 3D capability, Smart Hub and All Share, the UE40ES7000 does not only offer high-quality picture, but also boasts innovations that only Samsung can give. Enjoy the best of TV-viewing, web-browsing, plus many other interactive activities with the Samsung  UE40ES7000. [DFR:Embed Comparison Set?p=777700502159803] Improved Smart Hub. This Smart TV has the new and improved Samsung Smart Hub that lets you browse the Internet and access built-in and downloadable Samsung apps. AllShare. Enjoy a new TV-viewing experience with the smarter and more […]

Samsung UE40ES8000 40-inch Smart 3D Full HD LED TV

by Administrator
With clear picture quality and outstanding sound experience, you won’t get wrong with the 3D functionality of Samsung UE40ES8000. This 40-inch Full HD LED TV is not only for TV and movie-viewing, it is also equipped with state-of-the-art Smart Hub and Web Browser. Moreover, this TV is available for Samsung’s unique technology, the Smart Evolution. [DFR:Embed Comparison Set?p=777700501495669] Product Features Ultimate Picture Quality. Enhance your viewing pleasure by using this TV with high-class picture quality,giving you vivid and more realistic images. Clear Motion Rate. This feature delivers comparably smoother motion, allowing you to enjoy high-intensity, fast-moving images. Smart Hub and […]

Samsung PS43E490 43-inch 3D Plasma TV

by Administrator
The Samsung PS43E490 is a 43-inch Plasma TV that offers BIG entertainment with its big screen, high definition picture quality, and full 3D. The clarity and detail of HD is further enhanced by Samsung’s innovative technologies like Real Black, Clear Image Panel, and Subfield Motion Technology. Moreover, the Freeview HD allows you to get more content for an even wider choice. It is Wi-Fi REady too, so you can easily connect the TV to the Web and enjoy other perks the Internet has to offer. [DFR:Embed Comparison Set?p=153701746808194] Product Features Active 3D. The Samsung PS43E490 is equipped with the revolutionary […]

Samsung PS43D490 43-inch HD Ready 3D Plasma TV

by Administrator
For a Plasma TV with seamless performance, Samsung PS43D490 can deliver that and more. Its rectangular-base stand is sturdy enough to hold the unit and you can swivel it swiftly for you to look at the screen in any convenient angle. Samsung PS43D490 is surprisingly unseated for its good picture quality and superb sound clarity. Samsung is concerned about your utmost convenience, so they equipped this 43-inch Plasma TV with 3 HDMI ports at the back which are also useful if you have amplifiers or any external paraphernalia to plug. This even makes your usual TV viewing spectacular. [DFR:Embed Comparison […]