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Samsung UE55ES8000 55-inch Smart 3D Full HD LED TV

by Administrator
Keep your TV-viewing experience updated with Samsung’s latest TV technology. The Samsung UE55ES8000 is not just your ordinary widescreen TV. Apart from having a large screen, it also has 3D capability and equipped with Smart Evolution features that takes your television use to greater heights. With the Smart Evolution, you can even transform the unit’s dual-core processor into a faster quad-core system. Enjoy high-quality TV watching and state-of-the-art SMART features in one unit: the Samsung UE55ES8000 effortlessly meets your demand. [DFR:Embed Comparison Set?p=777700501495438] Product Features: Smart TV Features. BBC iPlayer, Netflix and Lovefilm are among the clever choices you can […]

Samsung PS51d8000FUXXU 51-Inch 3D Plasma TV

The Samsung PS51d8000FUXXU is a 51-inch TV that changes entertainment experience. Combining ergonomic design, innovative technology, and the goal to please anyone who’s using it, Samsung made this TV as perfect as possible.   [DFR:Embed Comparison Set?p=777700500159154] Product Features 3D TV. For a one-of-a-kind, cinema-like entertainment experience, the PS51d8000FUXXU offers breathtaking, cinema-like picture quality. In addition, this TV lets you have your 2D movies and converts them to 3D. 3D Sound. It’s true that there’s a lot of 3D TVs out there, but not everyone has the patented Depth Rendering Technology that produces the 3D sound you only get from […]

Samsung UE46ES6900 46-Inch 3D LED TV

by Administrator
If you want to give your family only the best TV, then choose the Samsung UE46ES6900  Smart LED TV. This 46-inch TV has unparalleled image quality, complete with a Micro Dimming feature. Apart from top notch picture quality, the  Samsung UE46ES6900 Smart LED TV also has the Improved Smart Hub and AllShare Play to make this unit not just for TV-watching. [DFR:Embed Comparison Set?p=36701965277333] Product Features Improved Smart Hub. This Smart TV has the new and improved Samsung Smart Hub that lets you browse the Internet and access built-in and downloadable Samsung apps. Explore 3D. This state-of-the-art 3D function allows […]

Samsung PS51E490 51-inch 3D Plasma TV

by Administrator
The Samsung PS51E490 is a 51-inch Plasma TV that does not only offer a big screen, but huge quality pictures, as well. With this TV, you get to enjoy Full HD images with minimised glare and enhanced blacks. In addition, it has Freeview HD to let you access endless content for your viewing pleasure. [DFR:Embed Comparison Set?p=10600798582611] Product Features Active 3D. Every single Samsung E490 series is equipped with the revolutionary 3D HyperReal Engine, for guaranteed improved 2D performance and 2D to 3D conversion. The unit comes with 2 3D glasses to make your TV experience oh-so-exciting. ConnectShare Movie. With […]

Samsung UE55C8000 55 -inch LCD TV

by Administrator
Experience the magic of 3D on this 55-inch Samsung UE55C8000. Apart from the clear image and sound, this LCD TV has a few extras that will keep you occupied. It has the [email protected] feature, where you can access iPlayer, Facebook, Twitter, and Lovefilm, as well as other wireless contents that you will surely enjoy. [DFR:Embed Comparison Set?p=777700500147261] Product Features 3D HyperReal Engine. For your ultimate entertainment experience, the Samsung UE55C8000 offers breathtaking, cinema-like picture quality powered by Super 3D Realisation. In addition, this TV lets you have your 2D movies and converts them to 3D. Simply put, this TV will […]

Samsung PS51E6500 51-inch Full HD Smart 3D Plasma TV

by Administrator
The Samsung PS51E6500 takes an aggressive stance as it unravels a 51-inch Plasma TV with an anti-glare system that doubles as a screen filter. With unparalleled picture and sound quality, Samsung PS51E6500 is performing in best resolution. Let Samsung’s PS51E6500  transport you to a cinematic movie-viewing with its active shutter 3D and 2D to 3D converter. Its Smart Hub applications give you lots of alternatives whenever you don’t fancy watching “just” TV.. The wi-fi connection is built-in, making web browsing convenient. All these features and more are wrapped in Samsung PS51E6500’s slim design and matte finish that make your living […]

Samsung UE55ES6800 55-inch Full HD 3D LED Smart TV

by Administrator
The 55-inch Samsung UE55ES6800 is set to deliver seamless performance with its dual core processor. Proving to be favourable to its users, this LED TV shows clear picture quality even with standard definition channels and gorgeous on High-Definition channels. The Blu-ray integration is also a plus. The first-rate Freeview HD tuner is functional and convenient to any Samsung UE55ES6800 user. Facilitate your regular tasks while watching videos and images from Lovefilm, Netflix, BBC iplayer, ITV player and YouTube. The Samsung Smart Hub has a wealth of preloaded applications for you to explore.   [DFR:Embed Comparison Set?p=10601944881334] Product features: Chrome-like Ultra-Thin […]

Samsung UE46ES6800 46-inch 3D Smart LED Slim TV

by Administrator
Working in symphony with the signature LED TV Series, Samsung UE46ES6800 is a perfect combination of style and substance. The slim design gives an ultra-modern flair and the TV’s Freeview tuner is enhanced with Freesat tuner which categorizes your channel options. These tuners quickly gives you access to your most-awaited shows with one scroll. Together with its sleek exteriors, Samsung UE46ES6800 seamlessly registers 2D and 3D pictures on screen. The audio is astounding and keeps you attentive to the movie you’re watching. Turn your sessions of movie or TV watching into a spectacular cinematic feel with the Samsung UE46ES6800 46-inch […]

Samsung PS51D495 51-inch HD Ready 3D Plasma TV

by Administrator
Without costing you a fortune, Samsung engages you to a lot of not-so-ordinary TV features with the Samsung PS51D495 51-inch HD-Ready 3D Plasma TV. This extraordinary TV comes with 3D Technology and Freeview HD that practically reinvent your usual movie hours. Also, this Plasma TV incorporates a 7-day electronic programme guide for your TV browsing convenience. Playing a Full HD Blu-ray won’t be a problem with the remarkable colour manipulation of this Samsung Plasma TV. The interplay of intense black and forceful white creates a striking picture quality making this Plasma TV an ideal choice.     [DFR:Embed Comparison Set?p=153701107552591] […]

Samsung PS51E550 51-inch Widescreen Full HD 3D Plasma TV

by Administrator
Experience the Samsung PS51E550 51-inch Widescreen Full HD 3D Plasma TV as it redefines your normal movie watching. You can have the luxury of watching your most anticipated shows while browsing through the internet during commercial breaks. Take pleasure in chatting with friends through Skype or in listening to songs via BBC iPlayer, YouTube, Netflix and a whole lot of other applications. With the 3D glasses included in the package, you will love this Plasma TV to shreds because of the 3D experience you can have with it. [DFR:Embed Comparison Set?p=777700500880735] Product Features: Freeview HD:  Crystal-clear images are ready to […]