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Samsung UE65HU8200

by Administrator
With the the U8200  model from Samsung, what you get is something that can provide an incredibly detailed 3840 x 2160 4k ready LED screen. This means that you are going to observe pure clarity, precise detail and great contrast with colours from the comfort of your home. This is a perfect TV for any gamers out there, in fact no matter what you are going to use this UE65HU8200 model for, armed with a 65 inch screen and powerful functionality is going to perform in an optimal way to handle media, to provide perfect picture polity, and display your favourite […]

Samsung UE65HU7200

by Administrator
This Samsung UE65HU7200 T V houses impressive features such as smart for K Ultra, in high definition, and with a very large 65 inch curved LED screen. If this television set doesn’t take your home entertainment to the next level, nothing ever will! Beautiful curved design The look and feel of the design of this model isn’t only sublime and modern looking, but it also has a very practical and functional reason why its curved. Designed specifically so you are perfectly placed to see all four angles of the TV from the right distance away, you are now set in a […]

Samsung UE78HU8500

by Administrator
The Samsung UE78HU8500 comes with a huge screen and if that wasn’t enough it also has Smart 3-D capability, for Kate Coltrane day providing beautiful clear pictures on its curved LED screen. What would a TV nowadays be without Smart features and functionality? Curved televisions, especially ones with a screen this size, are revolutionising the way in which we watch films, programs, play games and be entertained in the home. This UE78HU8500 is without doubt taking technology to the next level as well as design. The curved screen looks sublime and has a very elegant metal frame finish. This doesn’t just […]

Samsung UE65HU8500

by Administrator
The Samsung UE65HU8500 will without doubt change your perception of home entertainment. This particular model comes with a very wide 65 inch 4K Ultra HD, LED screen. It’s the kind of TV which gives you the impression you are in the cinema even though you are sat on your own sofa at home. The carers provide perfect viewing angles and combined with 3-D gives you something which takes you to the next level when it comes to television watching whether that be your favourite programme, movie or gaming. The 4K Ultra HD is four times the standard 1080p HD which […]

Samsung UE65H6400

by Administrator
The Samsung UE65H6400 comes fully loaded with high definition, smack capability, voice interaction, 3-D technology, Wi-Fi connectivity and if that wasn’t enough it has a 65 inch huge screen! This large LED TV will let you do pretty much everything you can think of when it comes to being entertained in the home. But that be just simply browsing online, communicating with your friends via social media apps, playing games from your gaming console, or watching the TV one of your favourite programs and catch up. The UE65H6400 really is an all singing and all dancing home entertainment system. Apart […]

Samsung UE75H6400

by Administrator
The Samsung UE75H6400 comes with the industry recognised Smart platform, and if you are considering this particular TV model your in lock it has just been enhanced and improved. The first noticeable thing about this particular LED model is the huge 75 inch screen size. On its own this TV undoubtedly looks impressive and will give you that in home cinema experience. However, don’t just let the aesthetics make you believe that this TV on has that to offer. With the addition of Smart features and things like the smart hope, which you can intelligently organise and manage your content […]

Samsung UE85HU7500

by Administrator
 The great addition to your home, the Samsung UE85HU7500 will help you see everything in a whole new, and take your home entertainment is the next level. Harness picture quality and d by use of the etail 4K Ultra HD, which is set to be the future TV format, even movie makers are using this as we speak. The Samsung HU7500 range makes most of its on-board technologies and brings to you vivid Active 3D that pushes picture detail to the next level by adding more depth in colour, and crystal clear clarity. Samsung also have added a suite of […]

Samsung UE75ES9000 75 Inches LED HD TV

by Administrator
Enjoy high-tech TV watching in a much wider screen. With the new Samsung UE75ES9000, you get 75 inches of viewing screen and clear, sharp pictures in 3D! Not only that, this larger-than-life unit also boasts of Smart Hub technology and sophisticated Intuitive Control, making it the best of its kind. [DFR:Embed Comparison Set?p=777700502159862] Product Features Intuitive Interaction. The state-of-the-art interaction technology allows you to operate your television without ever needing to push a button. Control basic functions easily like turning the unit on and off or changing channels just by voice and motion commands. 3D HyperReal Engine. With this TV’s […]

Samsung UE65ES8000 65-inch Smart 3D Full HD LED TV

by Administrator
The Samsung UE65ES8000 gives you 65 inches of high-quality pictures…plus more. Apart from its 3D capability, this Full HD LED TV is also equipped with Samsung’s Smart TV functionality called the Smart Hub. This feature lets you use applications like Skype, Family Story, and many more. In addition, the TV menu is very organised, thanks to its One Design feature. [DFR:Embed Comparison Set?p=3470700539406323] Ultra Clear Panel and Wide Colour Enhancer. Working hand in hand, these two features dismiss the worries of hazy images, giving you the sharpest, clearest images in most vivid colours. Full HD 1080p. The screen resolution puts […]

Samsung PS60E579 60-inch Smart Plasma TV

by Administrator
The Samsung PS60E579 is not just another TV. There’s more to it than a 60-inch screen. It has 3D capability and an integrated Smart Hub to keep you entertained beyond TV and movie-watching. [DFR:Embed Comparison Set?p=777700501953385] Product Features 3D TV. For your ultimate entertainment experience, the  PS60E579  offers breathtaking, cinema-like picture quality. In addition, this TV lets you have your 2D movies and converts them to 3D. Smart Hub: Be delighted with the colourful interface of the applications available via Samsung’s revolutionary technology: Smart Hub. There are options like Netflix, BBC Sports, BBC Player and others  in the convenience of […]