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Samsung UE78HU8500

by Administrator
The Samsung UE78HU8500 comes with a huge screen and if that wasn’t enough it also has Smart 3-D capability, for Kate Coltrane day providing beautiful clear pictures on its curved LED screen. What would a TV nowadays be without Smart features and functionality? Curved televisions, especially ones with a screen this size, are revolutionising the way in which we watch films, programs, play games and be entertained in the home. This UE78HU8500 is without doubt taking technology to the next level as well as design. The curved screen looks sublime and has a very elegant metal frame finish. This doesn’t just […]

Samsung UE55H7000

by Administrator
The Samsung UE55H7000 is a sure way of bringing a top-notch cinema experience to your living room. This particular model comes with a massive 55 inch LED screen. Also featuring things such as 3-D technology and smart capabilities. You can link up to all the Internet potential via the Wi-Fi connectivity, which is very simple to hook up and get going with. If that wasn’t enough you can also make use of the vice interaction so for anything you want to watch this H 7000 series model comes back to you with recommendations based on your suggestion. The Samsung Smart […]

Samsung UE60H7000

by Administrator
The Samsung UE60H7000 brings to your living room a cinema experience like no other. Featuring a huge 60 inch LED TV with Smart 3-D capability as well as being able to connect to the Internet via its inbuilt Wi-Fi, it has everything you need and more for your average family entertainment package. One of the main points to consider the H7000 series is the Smart home which allows you to control your entertainment needs all from an easy to navigate panel. Whether it’s a film, TV show, at, again or any other multimedia you want to play use take advantage […]

Samsung UE32D5700 32-Inch LCD TV

by Administrator
The Samsung Series 5 is a range of not-so-ordinary TVs. The Samsung UE32D5700 offers razor-sharp images in Full HD plus a Smart Hub to go with it. Enjoy brand new level of TV experience with this 32-inch television. [DFR:Embed Comparison Set?p=777700501953358] Product Features Full HD. Equipped with Full HD, the UE32D5700 doubles the quality of detail and resolution of ordinary HDTVs. This feature ensures dazzling colours and vivid details. Not only that, it also corrects any errors that are visible with standard definition images to give you a seamless viewing experience.  ConnectShare Movie. With Samsung UE32D5700 , you can enjoy […]

Samsung UE46ES6900 46-Inch 3D LED TV

by Administrator
If you want to give your family only the best TV, then choose the Samsung UE46ES6900  Smart LED TV. This 46-inch TV has unparalleled image quality, complete with a Micro Dimming feature. Apart from top notch picture quality, the  Samsung UE46ES6900 Smart LED TV also has the Improved Smart Hub and AllShare Play to make this unit not just for TV-watching. [DFR:Embed Comparison Set?p=36701965277333] Product Features Improved Smart Hub. This Smart TV has the new and improved Samsung Smart Hub that lets you browse the Internet and access built-in and downloadable Samsung apps. Explore 3D. This state-of-the-art 3D function allows […]

Samsung LE32D403 32-inch LCD TV

by Administrator
Choose Samsung LE32D403 and discover a quality of entertainment that you haven’t thought possible. With its Full HD, SRS TheatreSound Technology, enhanced quality of  image and motion, you are in for a treat.   [DFR:Embed Comparison Set?p=777700500880701] Product Features Full HD. Boasting with Full HD, the LE32D403 doubles the detail and resolution of ordinary HDTVs. This feature ensures dazzling colours and vivid details. Not only that, it also corrects any errors that are visible with standard definition images to give you a seamless viewing experience. HyperReal Engine. Samsung’s innovative HyperReal Engine gives you image quality so stunning, it’s almost unbelievable. […]

Samsung LE26D450 26-inch LCD TV

by Administrator
The Samsung LE26D450 is an HD-Ready TV with 26 inches of LCD screen. It offers sharp pictures with crisp colours and has the ability to connect with an array of media devices to meet your entertainment needs. Theses features are all packed in a slim casing that will surely go well with any room interior. [DFR:Embed Comparison Set?p=777700500092808]   ConnectShare Movie. The Samsung LE26D450  is equipped with ConnectShare Movie feature, which allows you to plug in your USB flash drive and watch your favorite movies and photos through it. You can also listen to your playlist with this feature-packed TV. […]

Samsung LE32D450 32-inch HD Ready LCD TV

by Administrator
Offering a one-of-a-kind HD experience is the Samsung LE32D450. Its 32-inch screen is blasted with sharp resolution and lifelike colours that will change the way you look at TVs. Not only that, this Samsung LCD TV has the capacity to connect with compatible media devices, regardless of the brand, so you can truly enjoy total entertainment right in your own living room. [DFR:Embed Comparison Set?p=777700500092797] Product Features ConnectShare Movie. This feature allows you to connect your digital devices into your TV, transforming  it into a theater. You can use your USB flash drives or hard drives to stream stored movies, […]

Samsung UE55C8000 55 -inch LCD TV

by Administrator
Experience the magic of 3D on this 55-inch Samsung UE55C8000. Apart from the clear image and sound, this LCD TV has a few extras that will keep you occupied. It has the [email protected] feature, where you can access iPlayer, Facebook, Twitter, and Lovefilm, as well as other wireless contents that you will surely enjoy. [DFR:Embed Comparison Set?p=777700500147261] Product Features 3D HyperReal Engine. For your ultimate entertainment experience, the Samsung UE55C8000 offers breathtaking, cinema-like picture quality powered by Super 3D Realisation. In addition, this TV lets you have your 2D movies and converts them to 3D. Simply put, this TV will […]

Samsung UE32EH4003 32-Inch LCD TV

by Administrator
The Samsung UE32EH4003 32-inch LCD TV combines LED technology and HyperReal Engine that ensure high-quality images. With this TV, you can enjoy Freeview features in High-Definition. Plus, you can also take a peek of a program while watching another channel with the Picture-in-Picture capability. All these features and more are highlighted by the Wide Color Enhancer that brings vibrant colours and real-life images. [DFR:Embed Comparison Set?p=36702039960613] Product Features ConnectShare Movie. With Samsung UE32EH4003, you can now have your own theatre right in your own living room. Watch your favorite movies, listen to the latest music, and browse your recent photos […]