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Samsung UE19H4000

by Administrator
Samsung’s HD Ready compact 19″ H4000 LED TV series is small in size making it perfect for kitchens and bedrooms, or if you so desire even in the living room. Don’t underestimate a small television set, just because it has a small screen doesn’t mean that it lacks in features and functionality. Whatever you are watching from movies to television programmes you are going to be going to need a good crisp clear picture quality. For any football fans out there you can even take advantage of the Samsung’s football mode. (More details can be found below using the more […]

Samsung UE32H4000

by Administrator
This 32 Inch Samsung HD ready TV is a great choice of screen size and functionality. See as the ideal budget TV for your home. Comes with built-in freeview so you can get full access to  over 50 TV channels. ConnectShare allows you to watch videos, play music or view photos directly from your USB drive by simply plugging it in. WIDE COLOUR ENHANCER PLUS Using an advanced picture quality improvement algorithm, Samsung’s Wide Colour Enhancer Plus drastically improves the quality of any image and uncovers hidden details. Now see colours in the most optimized way with full vivid imagery. FOOTBALL MODE […]

Samsung UE32H4500

by Administrator
Enhance your home entertainment experience with the Samsung UE32H4500. It comes as an optimally sized  32″ Smart TV. This fits right into the most popular screen size. The LED backlighting on the UE32H4500 series TV produces sharp imagery, vivid colour and brightness with pure clarity, bring the experience of the cinema to your home. Also take full advantage of  the Smart technology that works with Wi-Fi connectivity to bring you on-demand movies, TV and videos from services such as BBC iPlayer, LoveFilm, Netflix, NOW TV and YouTube. Use the built in Freeview HD tuner that gives you access to a wide range of TV […]

Samsung UE22H5000

by Administrator
Samsung UE22EH5000 is a 22″ HD TV. The LED backlighting on the Samsung UE22EH5000 TV helps to create sharp, crisp images, vivid colour and pure clarity. A good advantage of having an  LED screen is that it will use less power. This models also comes with Wide Colour Enhancer Plus, again boosting your picture performance. When you get this with 1080p resolution, crystal clear high definition is at your disposal .. The UE22EH5000 will also allow you to connect with a USB this enables you to enjoy a wide range of multimedia content that you can simply plugin in and play, from movies, […]

Samsung UE32H5000

by Administrator
The UE32H5000 comes with a plethora of featuires and fucntions, one of which is the built in Freeview whcih look sgreat on the 32 inch screen. Also you can find it comes with  1080p Full HD, LED. You no longer need to buy or add an extra top box, as everything is built in for you ready to go. If its energy you are trying to reduce then this Samsung model caters for that too as it has A grade for energy efficiency. Samsung’s H5000 combines all its innovative technology to provide a Full HD and a high frame rate for the smooth and […]

Samsung UE22H5600

by Administrator
The Samsung UE22H5600 is an elegant 22 inch compact TV which is ideal for the bedroom or kitchen. However, do not underestimate the size of this TV, although it is compact it is still packed with functionality and technology. As it comes with a very powerful quad core processor you can take full advantage of social media applications, gaming and even video playback by simply linking up to the Wi-Fi for easy connectivity with everything at your disposal. With the UE22H5600 you can also expect a fine full high definition 1080p resolution and enhanced picture quality, everything that you would […]

Samsung UE22H5610

by Administrator
The Samsung UE22H5610 is jam packed with features such as Smart TV Capability. This 22 inch compact yet powerful TV may be ideal for a kitchen or bedroom yet you will love all the technology you need at your fingertips to take advantage of things like multitasking, everything that is offered in the Smart Hub, view all your favourite apps and catch up on any programs you have missed from BBC iPlayer, ITV player and many of the services besides. All this is powered by the extremely efficient quad core plus processor. This is the kind of processor that is found […]

Samsung UE32H6200

by Administrator
The Samsung UE32H6200 comes with Active 3D and Impressive Smart functionality, a very fully equipped 32″ TV. QUAD CORE The powerful Quad Core processor which is implemented in all H6200 Samsung series models brings to your home the latest innovative technology available to buy online today. It is responsible not only for clear crisp vivid picture imagery but also powers impressive features and functions which sets out the specific TV model out from that rest of the LED TVs on the market today. At 32 inch the UE32H6200 is the perfect size for any living room and fits right in […]

Samsung UE32H6400

by Administrator
This Samsung H6400 offers contemporary design and realistic 1080p Full HD viewing. There are few better ways than to watch your favourite films and TV programmes as well as films. You can now also make use of things like the Smart features and apps, meaning you can put entertainment like Netflix and catch up TV services in your own home. Advanced S Recommendation takes the guesswork out of tracking down programmes by anticipating what you might like to watch and when via its voice recognition, you tell it what you want to watch and it comes back to you with […]

Samsung UE32H6410

by Administrator
All this is powered by the powerful Quad Core processor in the H6410 and it helps to significantly boost performance giving you faster access to Smart features and most importantly offers multitasking capabilities. Your app response is extremely quick, and now you can do things simultaneously such as watch using social media or carry on watching your favourite programme whilst using an app, all of the same time. The games panel which the Samsung UE32H6410 comes with lets you enjoy a wide variety of fun games on the fly. All you have to do to get this working is simply […]