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Samsung UE48H6200

by Administrator
If it’s an optimal viewing experience that you want in the comfort of your own home then look no further than the Samsung UE48H6200. Its features a 48 inch screen, full high definition, and Smart 3-D LED technology. With on-board picture improvement systems such as the wide colour enhancer plus technology you can expect to get 200 Hz clear motion rate pure clarity imagery, all this can be transferred to either 2-D or 3-D viewing. If that wasn’t enough, you also get an inbuilt free view HD tuner where you will be able to access over 50 channels some of […]

Samsung UE60H6200

by Administrator
The Samsung UE60H6200 is a superb huge 60 inch LED TV. It comes with a smart 3-D and offers a home entertainment system like no other. It even goes as far as including a football mode to enhance sound and picture most suitable for sport programs. The range of Smart TV features this particular model is to offer means that you can now bring the Internet to your television set. This is powered by the quad core processor acting as its brain. Multitasking is made simple so you can continue watching a programme whilst browsing through apps or anything else […]

Samsung PS51d8000FUXXU 51-Inch 3D Plasma TV

The Samsung PS51d8000FUXXU is a 51-inch TV that changes entertainment experience. Combining ergonomic design, innovative technology, and the goal to please anyone who’s using it, Samsung made this TV as perfect as possible.   [DFR:Embed Comparison Set?p=777700500159154] Product Features 3D TV. For a one-of-a-kind, cinema-like entertainment experience, the PS51d8000FUXXU offers breathtaking, cinema-like picture quality. In addition, this TV lets you have your 2D movies and converts them to 3D. 3D Sound. It’s true that there’s a lot of 3D TVs out there, but not everyone has the patented Depth Rendering Technology that produces the 3D sound you only get from […]

Samsung PS51E450 51-inch Plasma TV

by Administrator
The Samsung PS51E450AI has a wide, 51-inch screen that boasts top notch picture and sound quality. This Full HD Plasma TV is equipped with the latest technologies that guarantee you receive High-Definition images and smooth, clear sound. All these , plus other great features, are packed in a slim, sleek casing that makes your living room looking classy and contemporary at the same time.   [DFR:Embed Comparison Set?p=10600798582609] Product Features Clear Image Panel. This feature ensures picture details are well-defined and colours are true-to-life. ConnectShare Movie. ConnectShare Movie. With  PS51E450AI, you can now have your own theatre right in your […]

Samsung PS60E579 60-inch Smart Plasma TV

by Administrator
The Samsung PS60E579 is not just another TV. There’s more to it than a 60-inch screen. It has 3D capability and an integrated Smart Hub to keep you entertained beyond TV and movie-watching. [DFR:Embed Comparison Set?p=777700501953385] Product Features 3D TV. For your ultimate entertainment experience, the  PS60E579  offers breathtaking, cinema-like picture quality. In addition, this TV lets you have your 2D movies and converts them to 3D. Smart Hub: Be delighted with the colourful interface of the applications available via Samsung’s revolutionary technology: Smart Hub. There are options like Netflix, BBC Sports, BBC Player and others  in the convenience of […]

Samsung PS50B551T 50-inch Plasma TV

by Administrator
For your ultimate viewing experience, here comes the Samsung PS50B551T. This 50-inch Plasma TV comes with a Full High-Definition capacity and Freeview for your TV enjoyment. Apart from high-quality images and free channels, you can also connect a variety of compatible devices to make your TV-browsing better than expected. [DFR:Embed Comparison Set?p=777700500137322] Product Features Full HD. The Samsung PS50B551T doubles the clarity and detail regular HDTVs can offer. With its Full HD capacity, you can enjoy vivid colors and full details every time you watch TV. Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio. This feature ensures high-quality picture with enriched blacks and vibrant, […]

Samsung PS43E450A1WXZG 43-inch Plasma TV

by Administrator
The Samsung PS43E450A1WXZG is a 43-inch Plasma TV that offers intense, vibrant colours and clean lines. Additionally, this TV also boasts unprecedented sound quality so you are in for extraordinary TV experience. [DFR:Embed Comparison Set?p=777700501953388] Product Features ConnectShare Movie. The PS43E450A1WXZG  is equipped with ConnectShare Movie feature, which allows you to plug in your USB flash drive and watch your favorite movies and photos through it. You can also listen to your playlist with this feature-packed TV.  Smooth, clear images. With the 600Hz Subfield Motion System, the Samsung  PS43E450A1WXZG is capable of flashing an image for at least 600 times […]

Samsung PS51E490 51-inch 3D Plasma TV

by Administrator
The Samsung PS51E490 is a 51-inch Plasma TV that does not only offer a big screen, but huge quality pictures, as well. With this TV, you get to enjoy Full HD images with minimised glare and enhanced blacks. In addition, it has Freeview HD to let you access endless content for your viewing pleasure. [DFR:Embed Comparison Set?p=10600798582611] Product Features Active 3D. Every single Samsung E490 series is equipped with the revolutionary 3D HyperReal Engine, for guaranteed improved 2D performance and 2D to 3D conversion. The unit comes with 2 3D glasses to make your TV experience oh-so-exciting. ConnectShare Movie. With […]

Samsung PS43E490 43-inch 3D Plasma TV

by Administrator
The Samsung PS43E490 is a 43-inch Plasma TV that offers BIG entertainment with its big screen, high definition picture quality, and full 3D. The clarity and detail of HD is further enhanced by Samsung’s innovative technologies like Real Black, Clear Image Panel, and Subfield Motion Technology. Moreover, the Freeview HD allows you to get more content for an even wider choice. It is Wi-Fi REady too, so you can easily connect the TV to the Web and enjoy other perks the Internet has to offer. [DFR:Embed Comparison Set?p=153701746808194] Product Features Active 3D. The Samsung PS43E490 is equipped with the revolutionary […]

Samsung PS60E6500 60-inch Plasma TV

by Administrator
The Samsung PS60E6500 Plasma TV gives a unique improvement to your viewing experience. With Real Black Pro and extraordinary 3D effects, this TV is sure to deliver stunning images that will surely change the way you look at TVs. Plus, the Smart TV feature makes it even more desirable, with the built-in Smart Hub applications, Skype Video Call, and more. [DFR:Embed Comparison Set?p=1915600137859612] Product Features Ultimate Connectivity. With Samsung PS60E6500, you can enjoy ultimate connectivity with its integrated Wi-Fi and AllShare Play without the need of complicated LAN adaptors. In addition, there are 3 HDMI inputs, USB ports, and other […]