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Samsung PS51D450 51-inch HD Ready Plasma TV

by Administrator
The Samsung PS51D450 Plasma TV is a great way to introduce HDTV-viewing to your family. Featuring a wide 51-inch screen, paired with outstanding integrated speakers, HDMI connectivity, and a feature that allows you JPEG image and MP3 playback, the Samsung PS51D450 boasts everything that you are looking for to have total entertainment.   [DFR:Embed Comparison Set?p=777700500148707] Product Features Plasma +1. Samsung’s innovative Plasma+1 Design offers you an additional inch of viewing screen, thanks to the thinner TV bezel for a truly amazing TV experience. ConnectShare Movie. With PS51D450, you can now have your own theatre right in your own living […]

Samsung PS51E530 Plasma TV

by Administrator
The Samsung PS51E530 Plasma TV offers Full-HD image quality combined with 600Hz subfield motions, ConnectShare capability, and functional connectivity ports that will definitely keep you totally entertained. [DFR:Embed Comparison Set?p=777700501953364] Product Features Smooth, clear images. With the 600Hz Subfield Motion System, the Samsung PS51E530 is capable of flashing an image for at least 600 times per second, giving you picture quality that is absolutely HD. Simple yet contemporary design. The Samsung PS51E530’s slim design adds a sleek and modern profile to your entertainment room. The design of the TV itself is visually appealing. USB compatible for ultimate movie experience. The […]

Samsung PS51E450 51-inch HD Ready Plasma TV

by Administrator
The Samsung PS51E450  offers a wide, 51-inch screen and high-quality pictures at a very affordable price. This 51-inch Plasma TV features the latest technologies that make sure you receive High-Definition images and smooth, clear sound. All these and more are packed in a slim, sleek casing that adds a modern flair to any living room.     [DFR:Embed Comparison Set?p=10600798582609] Product Features Freeview. The Samsung PS51E450 has a built-in Freeview that offers a wide array of channels without you needing a subscription. With Freeview, you can stay updated with the latest news and informative documentaries. You can also watch old […]

Samsung PS60E550 60-inch Smart 3D Plasma TV

by Administrator
Introducing a TV that lets you do it all. The Samsung PS60E550 offers a 60-inch screen plus an array of features that will definitely keep you highly entertained. With Freeview HD, 3D and 2D to 3D capability, the Samsung  PS60E550 offers high-quality TV viewing, not to mention the Smart Tv functionality that provides a range of Smart Hub applications. [DFR:Embed Comparison Set?p=777700500880738]   Product Features 3D TV. For your ultimate entertainment experience, the PS60E550 offers breathtaking, cinema-like picture quality. In addition, this TV lets you have your 2D movies and converts them to 3D. Skype Video Calls. Keep in touch […]

Samsung PS60E530 60-inch Plasma TV

by Administrator
Equipped with a wide screen and lots of intelligent features, the Samsung PS60E530 60-Inch Plasma TV will definitely change the way you watch TV. With the integrated Freeview Tuner and ConnectShare Movie features paired with high-quality picture quality, the Samsung PS60E530 will set a truly amazing experience.     [DFR:Embed Comparison Set?p=48300786243187] Product Features Outstanding Cinematic Experience. With the Samsung PS60E530’s image and sound enhancing capabilities, vivid visuals and stunning sound quality is possible. ConnectShare Movie. With PS60E530, you can now have your own theatre right in your own living room. Watch your favorite movies, listen to the latest music, […]

Samsung PS43D490 43-inch HD Ready 3D Plasma TV

by Administrator
For a Plasma TV with seamless performance, Samsung PS43D490 can deliver that and more. Its rectangular-base stand is sturdy enough to hold the unit and you can swivel it swiftly for you to look at the screen in any convenient angle. Samsung PS43D490 is surprisingly unseated for its good picture quality and superb sound clarity. Samsung is concerned about your utmost convenience, so they equipped this 43-inch Plasma TV with 3 HDMI ports at the back which are also useful if you have amplifiers or any external paraphernalia to plug. This even makes your usual TV viewing spectacular. [DFR:Embed Comparison […]

Samsung PS51E6500 51-inch Full HD Smart 3D Plasma TV

by Administrator
The Samsung PS51E6500 takes an aggressive stance as it unravels a 51-inch Plasma TV with an anti-glare system that doubles as a screen filter. With unparalleled picture and sound quality, Samsung PS51E6500 is performing in best resolution. Let Samsung’s PS51E6500  transport you to a cinematic movie-viewing with its active shutter 3D and 2D to 3D converter. Its Smart Hub applications give you lots of alternatives whenever you don’t fancy watching “just” TV.. The wi-fi connection is built-in, making web browsing convenient. All these features and more are wrapped in Samsung PS51E6500’s slim design and matte finish that make your living […]

Samsung PS51D495 51-inch HD Ready 3D Plasma TV

by Administrator
Without costing you a fortune, Samsung engages you to a lot of not-so-ordinary TV features with the Samsung PS51D495 51-inch HD-Ready 3D Plasma TV. This extraordinary TV comes with 3D Technology and Freeview HD that practically reinvent your usual movie hours. Also, this Plasma TV incorporates a 7-day electronic programme guide for your TV browsing convenience. Playing a Full HD Blu-ray won’t be a problem with the remarkable colour manipulation of this Samsung Plasma TV. The interplay of intense black and forceful white creates a striking picture quality making this Plasma TV an ideal choice.     [DFR:Embed Comparison Set?p=153701107552591] […]

Samsung PS51E550 51-inch Widescreen Full HD 3D Plasma TV

by Administrator
Experience the Samsung PS51E550 51-inch Widescreen Full HD 3D Plasma TV as it redefines your normal movie watching. You can have the luxury of watching your most anticipated shows while browsing through the internet during commercial breaks. Take pleasure in chatting with friends through Skype or in listening to songs via BBC iPlayer, YouTube, Netflix and a whole lot of other applications. With the 3D glasses included in the package, you will love this Plasma TV to shreds because of the 3D experience you can have with it. [DFR:Embed Comparison Set?p=777700500880735] Product Features: Freeview HD:  Crystal-clear images are ready to […]

PS43D450 43-inch Widescreen HD Ready Plasma TV

by Administrator
Another genius set to take over the world of Plasma TV is Samsung’s latest offering: the Samsung 43-inch PS43D450. Its wide colour enhancer makes it capable of lightening a dark image, thus achieving a wash-out balance. On the other hand, when the images are dark in tint, it adjusts automatically to make it brighter and better without exaggeration. For your listening pleasure, the noise reduction and dynamic enhancers of Samsung PS43D450 makes it possible for you to enjoy an array of audio recordings and videos. The Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Pulse and SRS TheatreSound of this plasma TV brings your […]