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37inch- 42inch / 22 posts found

Samsung UE40H6700

by Administrator
If it’s full HD and 3D that you want in your Samsung television then look no further than the UE40H6700. Featuring precise micro dimming and the high 600 Hz frame rate. What you get with these features is one of the smoothest and impressive pictures with realistic contrast and depth that you are able to buy on the market. If it is more apps you want then apps, you will be get these from the App Store, from gamers out there this is going to be a very good option for you as well. Missed any programs, no problem, with […]

Samsung UE40F5300

by Administrator
40 inch is probably the most popular screen size that most people go for. That’s exactly what this Samsung UE40F5300 is. However, it isn’t just an optimal screen size, it also has impressive features and functionality, for instance voice recognition and recommendation system which is inbuilt. If you are unfamiliar with what this is, in short, you can talk to your TV and it will provide recommendations based off what you just said and would like to watch. This model comes with a very powerful dual core processor, this is the brain of the TV, it can handle everything you […]

Samsung UE40F6320

by Administrator
The Samsung UE40F6320 is an optimally sized, at 40 inch, LED TV with active 3-D capable of providing top-notch picture quality as well as sound. It also comes with 200Hz CMR (clear motion rate) giving your screen a smooth response whatever it is you are deciding to watch or even playing. Making use of the Samsung’s wide colour enhancer plus engine what you get are vibrant natural looking colours. This boosts all the prime colours making your picture stand out. Sound is also important when it comes to home entertainment and that’s why the UE40F6320 comes with quality DTS Studio […]

Samsung UE40H5000

by Administrator
FREEVIEW HD The Samsung UE40H5000 comes with Freeview HD built into your TV giving access to over 50 standard definition free TV channels, channels like  ITV HD, BBC One HD, BBC HD and 4 HD). WIDE COLOUR ENHANCER PLUS This is something devised by Samsung and is exclusive to only Samsung TV Models. What this does is greatly improve the picture quality of any image and boost colours to make them brighter and more vivid.  FOOTBALL MODE For football fans this is a must. Simply by selecting this option in your panel you can optimise sound and picture to best suit a sports programme […]

Samsung UE40H5500

by Administrator
This Samsung UE40H5500 Smart 40″ LED TV comes with perfect picture quality and functionality few other brands can offer. Quad core processing Armed with a very powerful quad core processor the 450H5500 boosts the performance of this large screen TV. So things like Smart features, picture clarity and even multitasking is effective. Allowing true multitasking with no buffering,  speeds of apps  are easily noticed to be of a high order. So now you can even watch TV while playing around on apps!  Smart Hub platform makes accessing your content very easy. providing fast and yet an extremely powerful TV experience, and you never […]

Samsung UE40H6200

by Administrator
This 40 inch Samsung LED TV is not only powerful and delivers a high performance but is very easy to use as well. Not only can you watch movies, films and play games with crisp and vibrant picture quality but you can also surf the web and make use of its Smart TV interface. The UE40H6200 is HD loaded and has a powerful quad core processor brain behind it. Whatever you decide to do with this TV from running applications, browsing the web or watching programmes you’ll be impressed by its speed and efficiency. You can use your smart phone […]

Samsung UE40H6400

by Administrator
The Samsung UE40H6400 is both easy to use and very interactive. There should be no longer be such a thing as a standard television set, for example does your TV at home allow you to surf the web? Once you connect to the Internet via the inbuilt Wi-Fi you are able to browse the whole of the net from the comfort of your sofa. There are not many computer screens around that are 40 inch, by owning this television sets that is exactly what you have, a 40 inch computer monitor yet still enables you to watch TV and playing […]

Samsung UE40H6410

by Administrator
Completely change the way you entertain yourself in the home with this Samsung UE40H6410 TV. As standard it comes with Smart 3-D technology, full HD resolution 40 inch screen. A lot has changed in recent years in regards to what TV actually does in your home. If you can no longer link up to the Internet then chances are you have a older televisions set. This map TV offers just that, by using a powerful quad core processor not only do you rather slick and smooth experience in terms of picture quality but you can also browse apps, surf the […]

Samsung UE40H6500

by Administrator
This Samsung UE40H6500 features the incredible smart home interface offering a whole new interactive experience from the comfort of your lounge. Also features S recommendation technology, a way in which you can communicate with your TV, tell it what you would like to watch and it comes back to you with recommendations, from the power of your voice! Simply connect to all browsing and Internet capability via the Wi-Fi. Also you are able to plug and play of the devices directly onto this big 40 inch LED screen, via USB and when you want that exceptional picture quality you can […]

Samsung UE40H6670

by Administrator
The Samsung UE40H6670 has been designed to bring top home entertainment to your home. Featuring smart 3D and is displayed on a large 40 inch LED TV screen. What’s more is that it comes with Smart TV technology devised by Samsung. All this combined in full HD imagery provides you a home cinema experience.   Let’s start with the picture quality, which is sharp and comes with very vivid pictures which is all down to the 600 Hz clear motion rate frequency. If you love your sports, fast pace films than this TV is ideal for that in particular. You […]