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46inch- 59inch / 48 posts found

Samsung UE48H5500

by Administrator
The Samsung UE48H5500 brings to you an innovative Smart platform, making older TVs obsolete. Gain faster access to Smart features, real powerful multi-tasking with no lags and an intuitive interface. The Smart Hub provides you with the most frequently used content, channels and sources. This Smart Hub intelligently organises and manages all your content into five easy to navigate panels: On TV; Movies & TV Shows; Multimedia; Apps; and Games panel.  For more details and spec for this Samsung TV use the buttons below:   [DFR:Embed Comparison Set?p=23101340090026]

Samsung UE48H6200

by Administrator
If it’s an optimal viewing experience that you want in the comfort of your own home then look no further than the Samsung UE48H6200. Its features a 48 inch screen, full high definition, and Smart 3-D LED technology. With on-board picture improvement systems such as the wide colour enhancer plus technology you can expect to get 200 Hz clear motion rate pure clarity imagery, all this can be transferred to either 2-D or 3-D viewing. If that wasn’t enough, you also get an inbuilt free view HD tuner where you will be able to access over 50 channels some of […]

Samsung UE60H6200

by Administrator
The Samsung UE60H6200 is a superb huge 60 inch LED TV. It comes with a smart 3-D and offers a home entertainment system like no other. It even goes as far as including a football mode to enhance sound and picture most suitable for sport programs. The range of Smart TV features this particular model is to offer means that you can now bring the Internet to your television set. This is powered by the quad core processor acting as its brain. Multitasking is made simple so you can continue watching a programme whilst browsing through apps or anything else […]

Samsung UE55H6200

by Administrator
Gain supreme Full HD viewing pleasure with the Samsung UE55H6200 55 inch Full HD Smart 3D LED TV. Including Wide Colour Enhancer Plus, to enhance picture quality and deliver a 200Hz Clear Motion Rate; convert 2-D to 3-D. 1920 x 1080 HD Resolution for superb imagery. With the Built-In Freeview HD tuner you can instantly get access to over 50 channels all of which are free, some of which are high-definition. This is easily manageable through a powerful Quad Core processor. With the potential of integrated WiFi, you can make use of responsive apps, a dedicated web browser ; catch-up […]

Samsung UE48H6400

by Administrator
The Samsung UE48H6400 will bring to your living room a home entertainment system like no other. At 48 inches this is a perfect screen size for a living room, you will practically feel you are in the cinema. This series also comes with Smart 3-D technology and full HD picture quality, and that’s before we even start on the actual functions that comes with this specific model! Vivid imagery and clarity comes as a consequence of the 400 Hz clear motion rate, so if you love your fast action and sports programmes this is more than ideal. A motion rate […]

Samsung UE55H6400

by Administrator
The Samsung UE55H6400 will provide your home with the latest innovative technology which you can expect to find in a very modern Smart LED TV. This particular model comes with a 55 inch screen so you can be sure to take full advantage of this huge screen in your home, in fact you will feel like you are in the cinema! Not only does this TV look impressive but it also offers some great features and in terms of functionality you can expect to find enhanced picture imagery which utilises to an optimal level the 400 Hz clear motion rate […]

Samsung UE48H6410

by Administrator
The Samsung UE48H6410 full HD TV comes with slick and elegant contemporary design. This h6410 series is by far one of the best ways to watch TV programmes, view films and take advantage of all its Smart features and other functionality. You can now start to use things like net Netflix and even TV catch-up services so you never miss a programme ever again. Features aside this is a great looking TV, slim design with built in speakers providing you an all-around sinner experience. 40 inch LED TV is a very popular size range on the market. This is set […]

Samsung UE55H6410

by Administrator
The Samsung UE55H6410 makes Your home entertaining easy, simple and fun. Using this 55 inch LED TV you will be able to quickly surf the web at your leisure. By using this Smart interface what UBL to do is take full advantage of 2.0 applications where you can share your multimedia and have many options in regards to what you do with it. You can even use your mobile device or tablet as a remote control for this TV. No matter what format you watch a film in 2-D or 3-D, your picture quality is going to be of a […]

Samsung UE48H6500

by Administrator
The Samsung UE48H6500 is able to offer you sleep , modern design with all the latest innovative technology to provide the perfect TV for all your home entertainment needs. Its 48 inch screen is LED Backlit, and comes with full HD to display your pictures, movies and programmes giving you clarity to be proud of.A 400Hz of motion processing power ensures these images are smooth and below free. This is all thanks to a powerful Quad Core processer which helps to enhance and boosts the performance of the television. Also get quick Access to Smart Features, and take full advantage […]

Samsung UE55H6500

by Administrator
The Samsung UE55H6500 offers a superb interactive experience with its newly enhanced Smart home function. With a huge screen a 55 inch, this LED TV is going to cater for all of your home entertainment needs, from being able to connect to the Internet so you can surf the web using the Wi-Fi connection, to being able to plug and play of USB devices to take advantage of photos, music and all the types of media. This Samsung UE55H6500 TV is powered by the impressive Quad core processor which helps to boost picture quality by using things like the clear […]