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Samsung UE32H5000

by Administrator
The UE32H5000 comes with a plethora of featuires and fucntions, one of which is the built in Freeview whcih look sgreat on the 32 inch screen. Also you can find it comes with  1080p Full HD, LED. You no longer need to buy or add an extra top box, as everything is built in for you ready to go. If its energy you are trying to reduce then this Samsung model caters for that too as it has A grade for energy efficiency. Samsung’s H5000 combines all its innovative technology to provide a Full HD and a high frame rate for the smooth and […]

Samsung UE40H5000

by Administrator
FREEVIEW HD The Samsung UE40H5000 comes with Freeview HD built into your TV giving access to over 50 standard definition free TV channels, channels like  ITV HD, BBC One HD, BBC HD and 4 HD). WIDE COLOUR ENHANCER PLUS This is something devised by Samsung and is exclusive to only Samsung TV Models. What this does is greatly improve the picture quality of any image and boost colours to make them brighter and more vivid.  FOOTBALL MODE For football fans this is a must. Simply by selecting this option in your panel you can optimise sound and picture to best suit a sports programme […]

Samsung UE48H5000

by Administrator
This superb Samsung UE48H5000 48″ LED TV comes as a sleek elegant looking large TV, but is brimming with technology to! High definition The Full HD 1080p resolution means that you can enjoy images that are crisp, clear and lifelike providing a top notch experience from your home. Wide Colour Enhancer Plus technology is designed by Samsung purely for the improvement of  how images and perceived and even uncover hidden detail. It uses an advanced picture enhancement algorithm, boosting vivid and more brighter colour for a better all round experience. FREEVIEW HD To get over 500 free channels synced up to your TV set, then […]

Samsung UE40H5500

by Administrator
This Samsung UE40H5500 Smart 40″ LED TV comes with perfect picture quality and functionality few other brands can offer. Quad core processing Armed with a very powerful quad core processor the 450H5500 boosts the performance of this large screen TV. So things like Smart features, picture clarity and even multitasking is effective. Allowing true multitasking with no buffering,  speeds of apps  are easily noticed to be of a high order. So now you can even watch TV while playing around on apps!  Smart Hub platform makes accessing your content very easy. providing fast and yet an extremely powerful TV experience, and you never […]

Samsung UE48H5500

by Administrator
The Samsung UE48H5500 brings to you an innovative Smart platform, making older TVs obsolete. Gain faster access to Smart features, real powerful multi-tasking with no lags and an intuitive interface. The Smart Hub provides you with the most frequently used content, channels and sources. This Smart Hub intelligently organises and manages all your content into five easy to navigate panels: On TV; Movies & TV Shows; Multimedia; Apps; and Games panel.  For more details and spec for this Samsung TV use the buttons below:   [DFR:Embed Comparison Set?p=23101340090026]

Samsung UE22H5600

by Administrator
The Samsung UE22H5600 is an elegant 22 inch compact TV which is ideal for the bedroom or kitchen. However, do not underestimate the size of this TV, although it is compact it is still packed with functionality and technology. As it comes with a very powerful quad core processor you can take full advantage of social media applications, gaming and even video playback by simply linking up to the Wi-Fi for easy connectivity with everything at your disposal. With the UE22H5600 you can also expect a fine full high definition 1080p resolution and enhanced picture quality, everything that you would […]

Samsung UE22H5610

by Administrator
The Samsung UE22H5610 is jam packed with features such as Smart TV Capability. This 22 inch compact yet powerful TV may be ideal for a kitchen or bedroom yet you will love all the technology you need at your fingertips to take advantage of things like multitasking, everything that is offered in the Smart Hub, view all your favourite apps and catch up on any programs you have missed from BBC iPlayer, ITV player and many of the services besides. All this is powered by the extremely efficient quad core plus processor. This is the kind of processor that is found […]

Samsung UE32H6200

by Administrator
The Samsung UE32H6200 comes with Active 3D and Impressive Smart functionality, a very fully equipped 32″ TV. QUAD CORE The powerful Quad Core processor which is implemented in all H6200 Samsung series models brings to your home the latest innovative technology available to buy online today. It is responsible not only for clear crisp vivid picture imagery but also powers impressive features and functions which sets out the specific TV model out from that rest of the LED TVs on the market today. At 32 inch the UE32H6200 is the perfect size for any living room and fits right in […]

Samsung UE40H6200

by Administrator
This 40 inch Samsung LED TV is not only powerful and delivers a high performance but is very easy to use as well. Not only can you watch movies, films and play games with crisp and vibrant picture quality but you can also surf the web and make use of its Smart TV interface. The UE40H6200 is HD loaded and has a powerful quad core processor brain behind it. Whatever you decide to do with this TV from running applications, browsing the web or watching programmes you’ll be impressed by its speed and efficiency. You can use your smart phone […]

Samsung UE48H6200

by Administrator
If it’s an optimal viewing experience that you want in the comfort of your own home then look no further than the Samsung UE48H6200. Its features a 48 inch screen, full high definition, and Smart 3-D LED technology. With on-board picture improvement systems such as the wide colour enhancer plus technology you can expect to get 200 Hz clear motion rate pure clarity imagery, all this can be transferred to either 2-D or 3-D viewing. If that wasn’t enough, you also get an inbuilt free view HD tuner where you will be able to access over 50 channels some of […]