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Samsung UE19H4000

by Administrator


Samsung’s HD Ready compact 19″ H4000 LED TV series is small in size making it perfect for kitchens and bedrooms, or if you so desire even in the living room.

Don’t underestimate a small television set, just because it has a small screen doesn’t mean that it lacks in features and functionality. Whatever you are watching from movies to television programmes you are going to be going to need a good crisp clear picture quality. For any football fans out there you can even take advantage of the Samsung’s football mode. (More details can be found below using the more details button).

You can also plug a USB device into your TV and have access to media files which is navigated using a friendly menu system.

The Samsung UE19H4000 also comes with HDMI connectivity so you can transmit data from many devices straight into your television set.

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