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Samsung UE22H5600

by Administrator


The Samsung UE22H5600 is an elegant 22 inch compact TV which is ideal for the bedroom or kitchen. However, do not underestimate the size of this TV, although it is compact it is still packed with functionality and technology.

As it comes with a very powerful quad core processor you can take full advantage of social media applications, gaming and even video playback by simply linking up to the Wi-Fi for easy connectivity with everything at your disposal.

With the UE22H5600 you can also expect a fine full high definition 1080p resolution and enhanced picture quality, everything that you would only ever expect with a top notch LED TV.

By making use of its built-in preview HD tuner you can get access to over 50 channels some of which are in high definition.

If all this functionality wasn’t enough then you will simply love the fact that it as web browser capability. Now you have full access to all the social media apps such as Skype, Facebook and watch all the videos you would like from YouTube.

You can also optimise your picture and audio further especially if you you are a sports fan. With an easy to activate football mode you can optimise the picture and sound settings giving you an all-round improved sporting experience almost feeling like you are in the stadium.

For more specifications and feature breakdown use the buttons below:

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