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Samsung UE22H5610

by Administrator

UE22H5610The Samsung UE22H5610 is jam packed with features such as Smart TV Capability. 
This 22 inch compact yet powerful TV may be ideal for a kitchen or bedroom yet you will love all the technology you need at your fingertips to take advantage of things like multitasking, everything that is offered in the Smart Hub, view all your favourite apps and catch up on any programs you have missed from BBC iPlayer, ITV player and many of the services besides.

All this is powered by the extremely efficient quad core plus processor. This is the kind of processor that is found in the much larger LED TV range designed and manufactured by Samsung. No more liking or buffering just straightforward smooth and easy going use of all the innovative technology that the UE22H5610 series comes with.

To learn more about all the other features and specifications use the links below:


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