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Samsung UE32H5500

by Administrator
in Blog

UE32H5500Samsung’s H5500 is a perfect entertainment system for any home. Featuring the perfect blend of powerful Smart features and crystal clear imagery and pictures all in HD.

Backed up by its powerful quad core processor the UE32H5500 handles everything you wish to use,  from social media apps (facebook, twitter) to gaming and video playback.

With its built-in Wi-Fi its so simple to connect. It’s also one step ahead with viewing recommendations via its voice recognition system and an intelligent sports mode that captures the most thrilling moments automatically, such as the football mode for sport fanatics.

The Smart Hub which the Samsung UE32H5500 comes with,  intelligently organises and manages all your content into navigate panels. Using catch up services on programs that you may previously missed has never been so easy.

Far more features can be find via the links below:

[DFR:Embed Comparison Set?p=19201862820915]

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