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Samsung UE32H6400

by Administrator


This Samsung H6400 offers contemporary design and realistic 1080p Full HD viewing. There are few better ways than to watch your favourite films and TV programmes as well as films.

You can now also make use of things like the Smart features and apps, meaning you can put entertainment like Netflix and catch up TV services in your own home. Advanced S Recommendation takes the guesswork out of tracking down programmes by anticipating what you might like to watch and when via its voice recognition, you tell it what you want to watch and it comes back to you with relevant recommendations. Also features motion recognition.

By using the remote’s touchpad to literally flip from page to page and select the content you want using the four directional buttons, you have complete patrol of a TV like no other.

The UE32H6400 is a game changer when it comes to home entertainment systems. As this is a 32 inch TV and sits right in the middle of the most popular size range this is anticipated to be one of the more popular models Samsung will release.

See what else this TV model has to offer by using the buttons below:

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