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Samsung UE32H6410

by Administrator


All this is powered by the powerful Quad Core processor in the H6410 and it helps to significantly boost performance giving you faster access to Smart features and most importantly offers multitasking capabilities. Your app response is extremely quick, and now you can do things simultaneously such as watch using social media or carry on watching your favourite programme whilst using an app, all of the same time.

The games panel which the Samsung UE32H6410 comes with lets you enjoy a wide variety of fun games on the fly. All you have to do to get this working is simply download the game you want to play from the panel and choose your control – this could be a gaming controller are your Smart remote.

The Samsung 32 inch LED TV is exquisite and the way that it looks also in what it features and what it offers to your home.

Learn much more besides in regards to the specifications of this model by using the buttons below:

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