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Samsung UE40F5300

by Administrator


40 inch is probably the most popular screen size that most people go for. That’s exactly what this Samsung UE40F5300 is. However, it isn’t just an optimal screen size, it also has impressive features and functionality, for instance voice recognition and recommendation system which is inbuilt. If you are unfamiliar with what this is, in short, you can talk to your TV and it will provide recommendations based off what you just said and would like to watch.

This model comes with a very powerful dual core processor, this is the brain of the TV, it can handle everything you throw at it such as heavy multitasking and providing fast performance and speed.

The UE40F5300 LED TV provides a very crisp and clear 1080p HD picture quality.

When it comes to features take advantage of the Smart features which come with this particular model and you can even hook up to the Internet, chat with friends, use apps plus much more besides.

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