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Samsung UE40H5500

by Administrator

UE40H5500This Samsung UE40H5500 Smart 40″ LED TV comes with perfect picture quality and functionality few other brands can offer.

Quad core processing

Armed with a very powerful quad core processor the 450H5500 boosts the performance of this large screen TV. So things like Smart features, picture clarity and even multitasking is effective.

Allowing true multitasking with no buffering,  speeds of apps  are easily noticed to be of a high order. So now you can even watch TV while playing around on apps!

 Smart Hub platform makes accessing your content very easy. providing fast and yet an extremely powerful TV experience, and you never got lost with the easy to navigate panel. The WiFi makes it so simply to connect and away you go!


Samsung’s well designed Smart Hub allows you to get a fluent and enhanced Smart TV experience. From working quickly with apps, to multitasking and doing various things all at the same time.

When you switch on your TV you literally have full control and the power is in your hands with its easy to navigate interface which is intelligently arranged to suit your personal needs.

Take a more in depth look into the key features for this impressive UE40H5500 TV:

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