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Samsung UE40H6700

by Administrator


If it’s full HD and 3D that you want in your Samsung television then look no further than the UE40H6700. Featuring precise micro dimming and the high 600 Hz frame rate.

What you get with these features is one of the smoothest and impressive pictures with realistic contrast and depth that you are able to buy on the market.

If it is more apps you want then apps, you will be get these from the App Store, from gamers out there this is going to be a very good option for you as well. Missed any programs, no problem, with its inbuilt catch up TV function.

Now you can even control all of this simply by the voice interaction system and intelligent programme recommendations, it’s almost like the TV communicates with you!

Powerful Quad core processor

The so-called brain of this TV offers faster performance and will handle all of its components to provide you a enhanced, smooth and simple system.

For anybody who likes to multitask the Quad core processor will be able to handle this fine. Easily switch between web browsing and other use of all its functionality.

The UE40H6700 provides extra power with a 40 inch screen TV enhancing your experience and making home entertainment more enjoyable than ever before.

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