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Samsung UE48H5000

by Administrator

UE48H5000This superb Samsung UE48H5000 48″ LED TV comes as a sleek elegant looking large TV, but is brimming with technology to!

High definition

The Full HD 1080p resolution means that you can enjoy images that are crisp, clear and lifelike providing a top notch experience from your home.

Wide Colour Enhancer Plus technology is designed by Samsung purely for the improvement of  how images and perceived and even uncover hidden detail. It uses an advanced picture enhancement algorithm, boosting vivid and more brighter colour for a better all round experience.


To get over 500 free channels synced up to your TV set, then use the on-board freeview tuner get lots of choice via your  TV. Now includes channels such as ITV HD, BBC One HD, BBC HD and 4 HD, you will never struggle to find anything to watch ever again, and best of all its free!

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