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Samsung UE48H6700

by Administrator


The UE48H6700 from Samsung has many features one of which is the ability to turn your compatible smart phone or tablet into a second television. Handy for the times you need to leave the room but still want to watch your favourite programme. It is even possible to watch completely different channel to what is on your TV at the time.


Quad core processor

A television with this functionality needs a powerful processor, this is exactly what the Samsung UE48H6700 offers you. Capable of enhancing and boosting performance allowing fast access to all Smart features and handling multitasking with great ease. If you are a fan of using gaps you will receive quick response times, you can even watch TV whilst at the same time socialise with your friends on Skype for example.

This UE48H6700 model from some song caters for every family’s entertainment needs in the home.


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