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Samsung UE55H6670

by Administrator
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Multi-task while you watch TV thanks the quad core plus processor at the heart of the UE55H6670 TV series. This processor provides will help give you teh power you need for all your TV needs, now can not onlly watch TV but you can also browse your favourite apps.

 The quad core plus processor super-speed processor means you won’t need to wait around for your Smart content to load, no buffering,  and you can perform multiple actions at once.

This TV caters for all needs in your home when it comes to entertainment, that’s exactly what the  H6670 Smart LED TV has been designed for.

Now also including a full suite of catch-up TV services, popular channels such as BBC iPlayer, 4oD and ITV Player, and even BBC Sport aswell as BBC News.

From the comfort of your home and you can unlimited access to the internet, or socialise with friends with the Facebook and Twitter applications. Many more apps are currently available to.

Freeview HD and Freesat HD also come ready from Samsung as they are built in. Watch a full range of the most popular digital channels and sit back and listen to radio stations without needing to worry about paying monthly instalments or fees.

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