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Samsung UE55H6700

by Administrator


The UE55H6700 by Samsung offers 3-D with a full high definition, providing very precise micro dimming and 600 Hz frame rate. Arguably one of the best pictures you can get in its class. With such a TV series you would only expect to see smooth and very well-balanced contrast with a lot of depth in colour.

Also this Samsung model provides an abundance of smart features such as games, apps and things like catch up TV, meaning you will never miss a program over again. Make good use of services like the ITV and BBC iPlayer systems.

The Smart Hub manages and organises all of your content into easy to navigate panels.

You can also control the UE55H6700 purely through voice interaction, simply by suggesting what she would like to watch and navigate simply by your voice. Over time it will word your preferences, and become smarter as it gets to know you more!

It works simply by asking your television what you would like to watch and proceed with a live TV search.

Watching television has evolved to such an alarming rate and this Samsung UE55H6700 model is by no means phased by this inevitable evolution of home entertainment.

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