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Samsung UE55H7000

by Administrator


The Samsung UE55H7000 is a sure way of bringing a top-notch cinema experience to your living room. This particular model comes with a massive 55 inch LED screen. Also featuring things such as 3-D technology and smart capabilities.

You can link up to all the Internet potential via the Wi-Fi connectivity, which is very simple to hook up and get going with.

If that wasn’t enough you can also make use of the vice interaction so for anything you want to watch this H 7000 series model comes back to you with recommendations based on your suggestion.

The Samsung Smart Hub allows you to have all of your entertainment needs under your control. Using easy to navigate panels you can select from all your movies, television shows, multimedia, applications and games all in one place.

This is all run by the behind-the-scenes powerful quad core processor, it does away with any like, buffering and everything is quick and effective as you go along.

Multitasking is a nice add on to the Samsung UE55H7000 as it means that you can do various things on the screen at once.

To see more information as to what the specific model has to offer use the links below:

[DFR:Embed Comparison Set?p=4290701699182420]

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