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Samsung UE55HU7200

by Administrator


One of the latest technologies that is being introduced to the home entertainment world is the addition of curved screens. This is exactly what the Samsung UE55HU7200 model from Samsung hast to offer.

Having a large screen, 55 inches to be precise, and then to curve it makes a substantial difference to the kind of panoramic view that you get when all the corners are brought in closer to you increasing the contrast on picture quality.

Backed up with full high definition the UHD experience gets you closer to the action, probably on a par with going to the cinema.

The UE55HU7200 series Smart evolution kit helps to re-engineer your TV. Now you can renew your TV with the latest technology in terms of performance additional features and all the same time allows your TV to remain cutting edge. For more details on this use the buttons below.


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