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Samsung UE55HU7500

by Administrator


When it comes to the next generation in picture quality the Samsung UE55HU7500 provides your screen with 4K Ultra HD. If you are unaware of what this is basically all say is that moviemakers are currently filming their films using this format. So imagine what kind of a picture you are going to get if you have this capability in your home. Combined with a massive 55 inch screen you are going to get the all-round cinema experience.

You’ll never struggled to find anything to watch with the free view HD and free sat HD tuners that come with this model.

Smart evolution has also been brought to you by Samung, the UE55HU7500 now has smart features, catch up TV, so you never miss a program ever again, and vivid active 3-D all powered by the advanced Quad core processor suit can get the best possible picture without any lag.

This is an exceptional model and highly recommended, view more information visit buttons below:

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