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Samsung UE55HU8200

by Administrator


This Samsung UE55HU8200 will without doubt enable you to experience games, films and other programs like never before. Now features 3-D, 4K Ultra HD and is a whopping 55 inch curved LED TV.

Just think what you can do with the exceptionally detailed 3840 x 2160 4k ready LED screen which provides perfect viewing angles, with built-in functionality providing perfect contrast, colour depth and colours.

When it comes to 4K resolution this is basically four times of what you would normally find with many standard television sets, 1080p high definition. More and more films, for example, are now being filmed in 4K, the UE55HU8200 allows you to take full advantage of this.

The curved screen does look impressive, but its practicability of it means it increases the amount of screen within your peripheral vision for a truly optimised viewing experience.

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