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Samsung UE60H6200

by Administrator


The Samsung UE60H6200 is a superb huge 60 inch LED TV. It comes with a smart 3-D and offers a home entertainment system like no other. It even goes as far as including a football mode to enhance sound and picture most suitable for sport programs.

The range of Smart TV features this particular model is to offer means that you can now bring the Internet to your television set. This is powered by the quad core processor acting as its brain. Multitasking is made simple so you can continue watching a programme whilst browsing through apps or anything else that you wish to do the same time. To make this work simply connects to the Internet via the inbuilt Wi-Fi.

If it’s easy access to your content that you want than the Samsung Smart Hub makes this as simple as possible. By using the five panel navigation you can see what’s on TV, view movies and all your multimedia.

You’re never miss a program ever again with its inbuilt catch-up TV services that you can get access to. Things like BBC iPlayer and ITV player, forced many more.

Maybe you just want to simply chat and communicates with friends via social media applications such as Twitter and Facebook.

Much more can be found in regards to the features and functions of the Samsung UE60H6200, simply use the links below to find out more:

[DFR:Embed Comparison Set?p=19201862854672]

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