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Samsung UE60H7000

by Administrator


The Samsung UE60H7000 brings to your living room a cinema experience like no other. Featuring a huge 60 inch LED TV with Smart 3-D capability as well as being able to connect to the Internet via its inbuilt Wi-Fi, it has everything you need and more for your average family entertainment package.

One of the main points to consider the H7000 series is the Smart home which allows you to control your entertainment needs all from an easy to navigate panel. Whether it’s a film, TV show, at, again or any other multimedia you want to play use take advantage of you can do it all from here, powered by the quad core processor designed by Samsung you will be all to do it seamlessly, effortlessly and without any lag or buffering.

To view further what these features and specifications are to the Samsung UE60H7000 use links below:

[DFR:Embed Comparison Set?p=16100871451700]

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