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Samsung UE65H6400

by Administrator


The Samsung UE65H6400 comes fully loaded with high definition, smack capability, voice interaction, 3-D technology, Wi-Fi connectivity and if that wasn’t enough it has a 65 inch huge screen!

This large LED TV will let you do pretty much everything you can think of when it comes to being entertained in the home. But that be just simply browsing online, communicating with your friends via social media apps, playing games from your gaming console, or watching the TV one of your favourite programs and catch up.

The UE65H6400 really is an all singing and all dancing home entertainment system. Apart from its features you can also expect to find crystal clear images and audio. The picture is boosted by a 400 Hz CMR and wide colour enhancement plus technology, you will get great contrast depth in colour and audio to match which comes from a 5.1 DTS studio Sound system.

Just when you think they couldn’t cram anything else in you will also be able to verbally communicate with your TV, what else do you want!

Go into more detail use the buttons below to see what all the features and functions the Samsung UE65H6400 has to offer.

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