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Samsung UE65H8000

by Administrator
in Blog

UE65H8000 The Samsung UE65H8000 is the kind of modern television, or should I say home entertainment system that will change the way you watch TV in your house forever.

This model comes with a very large curved screen at 65 inches. Designed to give you nothing short than a cinema experience. As its curved you get the perfect viewing angle from all four corners.

Take it to the next level with the 3-D capability and what you get is even more depth in your picture.

The UE65H8000 also offers smart features bringing you services such as BBC iPlayer, more apps and games.

You can even socialise with your friends fear of the social media capability that this TV model has to offer. Voice interaction allows you to control everything you need with great ease.

If you are seeking a large curved TV which is not only modern and looks good but has all the main features of the latest innovative home entertainment technology available today then they Samsung UE65H8000 certainly an option you should consider.

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