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Samsung UE65HU8200

by Administrator


With the the U8200  model from Samsung, what you get is something that can provide an incredibly detailed 3840 x 2160 4k ready LED screen. This means that you are going to observe pure clarity, precise detail and great contrast with colours from the comfort of your home.

This is a perfect TV for any gamers out there, in fact no matter what you are going to use this UE65HU8200 model for, armed with a 65 inch screen and powerful functionality is going to perform in an optimal way to handle media, to provide perfect picture polity, and display your favourite films in 4K resolution.

If you are not sure what for case resolution is, this is basically four times the regular 1080p HD, that standard TV sets come with at present.

The curved screen that this UE65HU8200 series comes with doesn’t only just look aesthetically pleasing but it also provides an improved and highly optimised picture. Allowing your peripheral vision to take in more as the corners are close to you than a standard screen you are going to feel more part of the action.


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