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Samsung UE65HU8500

by Administrator


The Samsung UE65HU8500 will without doubt change your perception of home entertainment. This particular model comes with a very wide 65 inch 4K Ultra HD, LED screen. It’s the kind of TV which gives you the impression you are in the cinema even though you are sat on your own sofa at home.

The carers provide perfect viewing angles and combined with 3-D gives you something which takes you to the next level when it comes to television watching whether that be your favourite programme, movie or gaming.

The 4K Ultra HD is four times the standard 1080p HD which you tend to get in most regular TVs on the market today. To give you an idea moviemakers have started making their films in 4K. You are now ahead of the curve by owning a TV which as 4K capability.

This isn’t just a functional television with all the latest features and specifications that you could wish to have in your home. But put simply, it looks elegant, modern and will look superb in any home, as long as you have the space of course!

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