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Samsung UE78HU8500

by Administrator

UE78HU8500The Samsung UE78HU8500 comes with a huge screen and if that wasn’t enough it also has Smart 3-D capability, for Kate Coltrane day providing beautiful clear pictures on its curved LED screen.

What would a TV nowadays be without Smart features and functionality? Curved televisions, especially ones with a screen this size, are revolutionising the way in which we watch films, programs, play games and be entertained in the home.

This UE78HU8500 is without doubt taking technology to the next level as well as design. The curved screen looks sublime and has a very elegant metal frame finish. This doesn’t just look modern and impressive in your home bought backed up with features and functionality very few other television sets can provide.

The curve has just been designed to look good, although it does, but it gives you a more optimal viewing experience as you gain a wider field of view and can take advantage of more natural viewing angles.

This combined with auto depth enhancer, which is a technology that will even make you more feel part of the action. Boosted by precise contrast and an even more increased sense of depth delivers seemingly perfect picture quality.

The functions and capabilities of the UE78HU8500 and nothing short of mesmerising.

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