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Smart TV Buying Guide

by Administrator
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In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, owning a Smart TV is becoming a necessity. But, with a growing number of TV models that have Smart TV features, aren’t you a bit confused which one to get? To help you with this, here is a comprehensive guide in buying a Samsung Smart television.

Smart TV Classification

Televisions are classified into many various types.Don’t get confused with these classifications or you’ll end up buying the TV you do not plan to have. For instance, a Smart TV can also be a 3D TV, or has UHD or 4K features and can even have SUHD capabilities. However, you have to keep in mind that a 3D, UHD, or SUHD TV does not necessarily mean that it has Smart TV functionalities.


Connecting your Smart television to the Internet can either be through a wireless connection (WiFi) or an Ethernet Port. Some models only have one mode of connecting to the Internet, but the others have both. The Samsung UE32J4500, for instance, has both Wireless and Ethernet connections. In case you only have to choose one, you have to consider the following.

                         Samsung UE32J4500

If you only have Ethernet Port connection, you have to make sure that the router is located near the Smart TV or you’ll end up with yards and yards of unsightly Ethernet cable. Nevertheless, Ethernet connection is more stable compared to a wireless connection, so if you are into video streaming, this might be the right choice for you.

Smart TVs with only Wireless connection available is ideal for those who do not want spatial constraints the Ethernet cable gives. But, again, this is not ideal if you are planning to use it for a lot of HD video streaming.


For first-time Smart TV users,  the many features of a Smart TV can be a bit overwhelming. When choosing a Smart TV, it  is best to go for a model with expanded options on the menu that can be activated by an Internet-specific button on the TV’s remote control. This way, you can get easy access to the TV’s Smart interface. Good thing, most Samsung Smart TVs have One Remote that allows you to do just that. You usually have an option to use your smartphone for this, as well. You may want to check out the Samsung UE55KS8000, a Smart TV with One Remote feature.

                        Samsung UE55KS8000

Connecting to Computers

Many models have the capability to connect with computers and other devices through the DLNA or Digital Living Alliance Network. This enables you to connect and share media easily. It is best to choose a Smart TV with DLNA designator so you can maximise the use of the unit.

Smart TV Interface

Different brands of TV use different types of Smart TV interface. In case of Samsung, there’s a few of them. Some Samsung models utilise the SmartHub, while the others have SmartThings. You can check out the different models of Smart TV Samsung has to offer here.

Smart televisions can greatly expand your options when it comes to Internet-related entertainment. You can find these smart things to be of your advantage, especially during this fast, social media-driven times. Choose your Samsung Smart TV wisely and you will surely enjoy the features it offers

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